Flow in Business – Jakob Algreen-Ussing, founder & chairman, Akasha Ventures


I had initially planned to close my book with this contribution that was written by a good friend of mine, but McGraw Hill, my publisher, forced me to reduce page count from 600 to 200 pages. Here it is.

And finally, this last piece comes from a good friend of mine who is also on The Founders Club advisory board, Jakob Algreen-Ussing, an accomplished entrepreneur who runs his own VC fund out of his home base in Ibiza and his offices in London and Copenhagen. If you want to get to know his ideas more you can check out http://jakobussing.com/.

Flow in Business – Jakob Algreen-Ussing, founder & chairman, Akasha Ventures

Akasha VenturesMany times I sat in a management meeting or boardroom sensing that something was not being correctly handled. Although I often would not be able fully to articulate the problem I sensed in a rational or meaningful way, without a doubt I knew that something was wrong. Some would call this gut feeling; others, intuition. Eventually, and through the work with business I have realized that this goes much further.

Looking at the historical development of how we have conducted our businesses, we can see how it has evolved. We have grown from product-centric companies, focused and specialized in mass production. This abundance of material goods has allowed us to expand our consciousness, making the stories and values behind the products as important as the product itself. This has caused a change in the way we do business. In the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, branding and communication associated with products became the key point of running a value adding company. Throughout the ’90s and until now, the focus has increasingly been on the networked economy and the Internet. Today a large part of the economy is knowledge-based – focused on the exchange of ideas and values.

I believe we are witnessing a natural evolution of what it means to be a company. I believe a new generation of companies is emerging, i.e. the companies which align the mission, vision, passion and energy of its creators, employees, partners and customers. It comes from being who you truly are and living your passion, while creating something meaningful. Everything that is done flows from a clear intention to manifest your deepest soul essence. I call this company The Quantum Company.

The Quantum Company utilizes all of the previous concepts of what it means to structure and manage a company, and takes them to the next level. To thrive in the new economy, we do not abandon the skills and competencies that brought us this far; we simply add a new level of understanding and competence to the way we operate.

The Quantum Company is all about living from that which makes you feel the most alive, joyful, and inspired. This means you can have it all! You don’t have to choose among living your passion, creating profits and wealth, or doing something that’s good for the world. As a matter of fact, these goals actually fuel one another.

A company managed and structured primarily on the basis of its energy is what I call a Quantum Company. Not only is this entity organized to provide immense value; it has the potential to be significantly profitable and highly competitive, even in a small niche market. One of the key reasons is that the intention of it is to reach a global market. Because this value is recognized, it is supported both internally and externally by a devoted tribe and the members of its business network.

Fundamentally, the Quantum Company consists of a passionate entrepreneur and founder, or a group of shareholders and leaders, who create and build or redesign a business from shared enthusiasm and authentic interests. They do what is important to them, what they feel passionate about, and in turn, these initiators fuel a tribe of other people that is linked to them by shared interests, beliefs, and longings. The tribe that forms co-creates valuable products and services from a mutual vision of how to respond to what is missing in the world. Its work can support an entire movement that creates a widespread global business network that distribute the company’s offerings and make its contribution. I call these six components the six powers, which enable us to build such a next-generation company. A company in flow.

Flow in business happens when everything and everybody related to a company is in full alignment on the deepest level. Then, extraordinary results can and will occur—although not necessarily in the way you originally anticipated they would. When results come in unexpected ways, your job is to explore what that means, and then to possibly change your direction, goals, and actions. In a flow state, business becomes an adventure of continuous navigation of results.

The Quantum Company is a modern paradigm made possible by our emerging technology and through developing skills to work with corporate energy. It is highly sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient because the human essence of everyone involved in its activities is honored and aligned. Working with such an enlightened company is deeply engaging and fulfilling.

Building a Quantum Company means viewing our business life as a journey of self-discovery, an opportunity to realize what we truly are on a deeper level, and to create and build something valuable and good for the world. This means living from our essence and passion while doing business, and living in happiness and joy while in authentic relationship to our self and to the world around us. Living authentically from our passion allows us to achieve abundance of all kinds; not just financial prosperity, but also the freedom to do what we really would most love to do.

When we align and amplify a company’s energy, the company can go into flow and it can achieve what I term extraordinary profits and returns. By this I mean both significant monetary profits and accomplishments that are way beyond ordinary expectations, including self-realization, personal growth, and empowerment for everyone involved from the top to the bottom of the organization.


Amen, Jakob. Well said.

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