Investment Focus

Investment Focus

RVC invests via its VC fund in conjunction with sidecar/angel capital into high potential high growth disruptive technology startups. We focus on internet & software businesses that have already raised at least $500K in outside funding. We actively share deal flow with other VC firms, angel groups and active prominent angels.

Areas of focus

Financial Technology       Human Resource Tech       Marketplaces       New Service Models       
SaaS / IaaS       Big Data       Cloud       Advertising Technology       Media Technology       Mobility / Mobile Apps
Consumer Internet       Commerce       Social       Enterprise / B2B Technology       Transformational Businesses

A few parameters that RVC follows:

1) Convertible debt or participating preferred priced rounds with a determined or capped valuation are essential. RVC will not invest in non capped or non valued companies.

2) Ideally companies should have completed a beta/MVP roll out of their product or service or will soon do so. We invest in both revenue generative and pre-revenue companies. Startups have typically already raised at least $500K before we invest and have reached some key product and full time management team milestones.

3) RVC may invest in companies located outside the USA.

RVC invests in companies with the following funding needs:

We invest in later stage seed and Series A & B rounds co-investing with angel groups, VCs and individual angels.

We expect our investments to yield at least a 10x return.