Why Join

Join Georgetown Angels

Membership in Georgetown Angels is open to all accredited investors and family offices. We are unaffiliated with Georgetown University and our doors are open to investors and startups also unaffiliated with Georgetown University. Membership is unique and offers significant advantages:

  • Georgetown Angels sources over 5,000 investment opportunities per year and only selects eight best in class startups per annum for investment and mentoring from its community of angel investors.
  • Georgetown Angels makes these well vetted and highly qualified investment opportunities available exclusively to its members.
  • Georgetown Angels’ structure provides angels with best in class term sheets, provisions, and flexibility.
  • Member of the foremost and extensive angel group with offices in New York and Silicon Valley.
  • Superior deal flow of early stage companies from the premier technology corridors: Silicon Valley / San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Europe and Israel.
  • Collaborate and learn from executive team and fellow members on due diligence, investment selection and strategic opportunities.
  • Access to a broad set of professionals from which to inquire about investment opportunities, mentorship, best practices and the like.
  • Quarterly Pitch & Networking events in San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC and Austin with high profile Venture Capital and Industry professionals.

Georgetown Angels is professionally managed by its General Partners/Co-Chairmen.  It is structured as a fund and invests as a group into companies. Each member, however, makes their own investment decisions.

*Investments in early-stage, privately-held ventures have a high degree or risk, are considered illiquid and may take multiple years before an “exit” may occur. Members of Georgetown Angels are not encouraged to serve on Board of Directors but rather Advisory Boards so as to mitigate any fiduciary or otherwise personal liability. Georgetown Angels does not act as an investment adviser (as regulated by the SEC) and all angels are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence prior to making a commitment.