VCs & Entrepreneurs in China: my experience

VCs & Entrepreneurs in China: my experience

Wow! I had an amazing experience in China as an American VC.

I made a photobucket photo file which I understand can be viewed in China. Please check it out and the captions. That’s my blog post this time – the comments / captions of the photos.

Forget this blog post and check out this link here!

American VC in China

China is a huge opportunity for every entrepreneur and VC. To ignore it would be insanity. They have a totally different way of thinking which works well.


I look forward to working with all of you 🙂


And I look forward to helping our portfolio companies take off in China.


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Basically most of our companies should be manufacturing or making software in China. Those those that do not want to do that should probably be selling their products and services in China. I view it as my job as the VC to help our portfolio companies do both with safe partners they can trust.


We are ready to be the fiber optic cable and help our companies be successful in China quickly. This is a game of speed and trust.



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